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I am so far behind on my flist from this weekend I don't think I'll ever catch up. I went back 160 entries and I didn't hit Saturday morning. So, I'm sorry, you guys. :(

Last night, Benny was crooning some song when I recognized a few words. He was singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star." All i could make out was "up above." So I sang it for him, trying to get him to sing along, but he clapped and laughed at the end of it and then started singing by himself again. And any time I tried to sing with him, he would clam up. His language skills have exploded over the last 3 weeks. Either that, or I'm just actually hearing what he's saying. Yesterday after dinner, he stood up and said, "all done!" And he's picked up "dog," "no," and "Katie (well, Aytie, but he's trying)."

I think I'm the most excited person in the house about the Disney trip. Bren worked for Disney a few years ago, so he went a bajillion times, Katie's been, and Ben's too young. We got to go for 2 days for our honeymoon, but we could only go briefly each day because Bren's mom had Benny and we had to get back early. Before that, I went to Epcot at 17 (for a field trip), MGM at 14 and Disney at 5. And as you all know, I'm 33, so this is my first REAL trip where I can go until I get sick of it. :D I was looking online for the extra magic hours, but in the summer, Disney's open till 10 (except Animal Kingdom) just about every night, so it wouldn't really benefit us, especially with Benny. And I'm hoping since we're going in early June, we won't be competing with a ton of families (except Florida residents) since they don't get out of school for another week or so. We just have to figure out where we're going to eat. :D

It's my turn to cook tonight. What should I make for dinner?


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