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Depends on how big the jackpot was. Ummm, buy a nice, big house on a big piece of land, new cars for Bren and me, set up college funds for the kids, give money to all my friends and family, repay all our debts, give a nice big chunk to charities to help the homeless, kids, and the ASPCA, invest a big chunk so we don't end up poor in a few years, and then go on a small spending/travel spree. I'd also have more babies, maybe adopt some kids, and we'd adopt several doggies and kitties from the pound.

I'd also like to go back to school and learn something useful. Living in luxury would be nice, but even I'd get bored after a year or so of doing nothing but play. And I don't want my children to grow up to be entitled fuckwads.

Speaking of money.... I was reading yesterday about the family that's living on $1500 for food, entertainment, copays, etc for a year. That intrigues me and I'd like to try something similar, but it'd have to be more money because Ben's in diapers and my family's too whiny to not have takeout for a whole year. But I want to make some cuts for myself.... like Diet Coke. DAMMIT. I don't want to give up my diet coke. :(  But it's $1.89 a bottle now and I drink way too much - maybe 5 2-liters a week. And I'm starting to feel yucky when I drink it, and when I do drink water, my body reacts all crazy. Bleah.

Oh, and stupid webmd says I only need 1489 calories a day, if I want to lose 2 lb a week. WHAT? That's NOT a lot. When I tried WW last time, I was hungry constantly. And the proteins I like are too fatty (peanut butter, dark meat chicken, ribeye steaks) and I like real butter and full fat mayo. My problem is I'm no good at baby steps or moderation. I want to be able to do everything RIGHT NOW and get what I need immediately. I know this is human nature, but it feels like it's just me that has this problem.

Because I'm a special snowflake.  :P


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