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This is just a wishlist, and there is no harm in putting it out there! Wishes can be as realistic or as fantastical as you want. Make sure to put any contact info in the entry, or ask people to email/PM you to get your info so that they can get your wishes to you. If you have kids and want to include them on the list, be sure to include their likes/clothing size/and toy restrictions!

I have an wishlist and our Bed Bath and Beyond list is still pretty full.

But here's what we'd really like to have:

For me:
A pretty, colorful apron
flower barrettes (like a big silk flower I can clip above my ear)
a potato ricer - especially the nice big one from Williams Sonoma
a camera
an ipod or other mp3 player
for my computer to be fixed or a new computer
gift cards to bookstores, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Torrid,,,, Target, Walmart
money to be put towards buying a car

For Katie:
Rollerskates -size 9.5
Pretty blouses and cool, girly t-shirts - she wears a missy medium/large depending on the cut of the blouse - she's not into Hannah Montana or High School Musical
Monopoly - the kind with the card scanner
the new Operation
a jump rope
gift cards

For Benny:
Clothes - right now he wears 18 month tops and 12 month bottoms, but that will change soon
Shoes - he wears a size 6 in toddlers
diapers - size 4
a toy that attaches to his carseat - like a steering wheel or something
board books
a little chair
toy animals - not stuffed, but plastic cows, horses, chickens, etc

Wow, that's a lot of stuff.  :/ Anyway, if anyone does feel generous and doesn't have my address, you can email me at . I'd like to grant a few wishes myself.


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